Clan/Forum Rules and Regulations

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Clan/Forum Rules and Regulations

Post by MeetMyArrow on Fri May 08, 2015 2:20 pm

Rules & Regulations:
1. No threatening of other members. Do not DDoS or DOX other members.
2. No infecting other members with malware.
3. No advertising unless first given permission by an Admin.
4. No personal information of others should be posted or distributed.
5. No scamming, it's a serious offense and any attempt won't be taken lightly.
6. No multiple accounts.
7. No claiming to be someone other than yourself.
8. No spamming.
9. Any shared videos MUST be YouTube or Twitch.

Clan Rules:
1.) RESPECT EVERYONE. No matter what ranks or levels they are.
2.) Arrogance will not be tolerated. We do not care how much money you have or what level you are.
3.) Tanks will have the option to keep all shards, boots, steam staffs from Zamorak & Bandos but can split with the group, if they would like.
4.) Drops within a group, will be given to the highest rank until the end of the trip to split.
5.) If you cannot follow any of these rules, you will be kicked and banned from the clan. These are very simple respect rules that all persons should have no problem following.

Basic Etiquette:
1. Be a high quality poster. It is much appreciated!
2. Credit others when needed.
3. Respect others and be mature.
4. Thread Subject should be relevant to the content of the thread.
5. Post in the correct location

Tank Drop Rules:
1.) At Zammy and Bandos, Tanker ALWAYS gets boots, shards, and steamstaffs. They have the choice to split.
2.) At Corp, stunner gets spirit shield

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