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Post by MLT Nicky on Mon Jul 06, 2015 7:56 am


In-Game Name: MLT Nicky

Combat Level: 94, (30k xp off 95 combat.)

Which account type are you? (Main or ranged tank) Main, Love to tank.

Are you willing to use an off-site forum/communications? Yes.

Have you been part of another PvM clan before, if so who, and why did you leave? (Be honest, I do research) No, I've never been in any other PvM clan so far in rs 2007.

How did you find out about the clan?
A friend within the clan suggested it to me.

What's your favorite boss?
Bandos, but I like to do all, atleast when I get the required stats for all the bosses.

What do you expect to contribute to the clan?
Active clan member, helping the clan whenever I can, after all it is something I love doing.

What boss would you like to be more efficient at?
Altough not a team boss, Zulrah.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

18 year old, applied for an army officer awaiting results. Whenever I have the free time you'll always find me on RS. Very Happy jocolor

MLT Nicky

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