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Clan Extras

Post by MeetMyArrow on Wed May 20, 2015 2:16 pm

Clan Extras:
Youtube Channel(new) =
Twitch Channel(s) =
TeamSpeak = Please contact an Admin+ for information.
Offsite Forums (This Site)
Runescape Recruitment Thread (please bump often) =,321,999,65612618,82,335766262,#82

And a GREAT community.

BUT we need your support. The TeamSpeak and Forums aren't free. Any kind of donations would be appreciated.

We have things that you could buy as well on TeamSpeak and the forums.

Signature = $3 / month
Name Color = $1 / month

Custom Channel = $3 / month
-- You receive complete control over your channel
Custom Icon = $1 / month
-- Whatever icon you want, we can make it.

There are also certain Icons that you can earn.
x = Tanker, You volunteer to tank a lot and have earned the trust to tank within the clan
x = 110 Combat
x = Slayer Guru, 85+ slayer
x = Trusted, You have earned the utmost repect and trust within the clan
x = Money Bagz, You have donated more than $50 towards the clan

I will add the pictures of the icons later on today.


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