App. For clan: Jdidy

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App. For clan: Jdidy

Post by Jdidy on Thu Jun 04, 2015 9:08 pm

In-Game Name: Jdidy

Combat Level:115

Which account type are you? (Main or ranged tank) Main

Are you willing to use an off-site forum/communications? Yes, Already joined TS

Have you been part of another PvM clan before, if so who, and why did you leave? (Be honest, I do research) Was/Atm still kinda with RBH, I've been debating on leaving for the main reason, All there events that get you ranked in cc were based off times I cant attend due to working. Seems hardly possible to get 1 gwd trip going takes on avg. 3hrs which is time I don't have.

How did you find out about the clan? Rs forums

What's your favorite boss? Zamorak GWD

What do you expect to contribute to the clan? Hopefully help allot of new comers out and help develop a bank for them. When I was fresh to bossing my stats were all 70's and all I wanted to do was boss. Thanks to some amazing friends I had met, they were willing to constantly take me bossing, which skyrocket my bank and drove me to train my skills. I want to do the same for anyone else.

What boss would you like to be more efficient at? I'd like to get better at sara and armadyl, Mainly learn some better tatics for soloing or duoing. Other then that I believe I have a very good understanding of every boss released to old school at the time being.


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Re: App. For clan: Jdidy

Post by HippieWhoosh on Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:18 pm

welcome to the clan good to have you! any problems with the forums let me know!
Zammy is also one of my favs

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