Warning to all Members who Boss

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Warning to all Members who Boss

Post by MeetMyArrow on Tue May 19, 2015 5:12 pm

Recently, we have found out the "EmpressKayla" has been accused of running off with a ring drop at DKs with another clan. I talked with her and she says that she was falsely accused of running off. First off, she wasn't in the clan officially, although her application was in. Everyone knew in the clan, that she was going on a solo trip and didn't plan on splitting. Both her, and her helper knew that at the beginning. The person who helped her into the DKs lairs killed the range boss and ended up dying.. ON her next rex kill, she received a B Ring drop. She helped the guy get his stuff back, and then she was accused of running off with the B ring.

I'm not accusing her of scamming this B ring

So take this information at your own risk. We still welcome Kayla into this clan.

Thank you!
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