Dannyz Loco Introduction

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Dannyz Loco Introduction Empty Dannyz Loco Introduction

Post by Dannyz_Loco on Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:28 pm


In-Game Name: Dannyz Loco

Combat Level: 123

Which account type are you? (Main or ranged tank) Main

Are you willing to use an off-site forum/communications? Yes

Have you been part of another PvM clan before, if so who, and why did you leave? (Be honest, I do research) "Stud Unit" got cleaned and quit

How did you find out about the clan? Way2op

What's your favorite boss? Armadyl/Sara

What do you expect to contribute to the clan?My unique sense of humor

What boss would you like to be more efficient at? Zamorak seeing how i never go...

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Name: Danny
Location: Southern California USA
Age: 21

I work as a night crew supervisor in a retail store in my area. Played Runescape since late 2006 ever since my neighbor ruined my life by showing me this game...

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Dannyz Loco Introduction Empty Re: Dannyz Loco Introduction

Post by naphtaly on Mon Aug 03, 2015 8:16 am

Nice intro. Liking the part about your neighbor. (Do they still play ?)

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