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Clan Application/Introduction Empty Clan Application/Introduction

Post by PatTheBunnyRS on Sun Jul 05, 2015 5:51 pm

In-Game Name: PatTheBunny

Combat Level: 105

Which account type are you? Main

Are you willing to use an off-site forum/communications? Yes. I have TeamSpeak 3

Have you been part of another PvM clan before, if so who, and why did you leave? I have applied for other clans before, but have never been accepted.

How did you find out about the clan? Browsing OSRS forums.

What's your favorite boss? Bandos & Barrows

What do you expect to contribute to the clan? Trusted & active clan member

What boss would you like to be more efficient at? Zamorak

Tell us a bit about yourself. 18 years old. Been playing Runescape for 8 years. Im a quite person & love PvM!


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