Long-ass introduction;

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Long-ass introduction;

Post by EisNoctis on Fri May 08, 2015 5:19 pm

Hello nerds.

My name is EisNoctis (Eis is German for Ice, pronounced Eyes), but my real name is Dylan. I'll reply to either, I'm not too worried about my real name being known or thrown around. I've been playing Runescape since Runescape Classic (have the ten year cape in Rs3), and I'd like to think I'm fairly knowledgeable about the game as a whole. I'm new to bossing, but that doesn't mean I lack the intelligence to play the game at a high level of efficiency. If there's any questions, comments or concerns about the game, how to train, what you should be doing, I'm always free to answer questions when I'm online.

My current goals are to complete maxing my combat stats, currently only at 99 Strength, 93 Attack, 94 Defense and 96 Hp. I'm always up for doing almost any activity, co-op slayer (if our levels are close enough, 87 Slayer), bossing (I prefer not do to Corporeal Beast unless it's a clan event), or just anything that comes to mind.

I joined Fusion PvM by complete accident, though I've found that it's something that I had been missing in my 'career' as a Runescape player. I was 'recruited' by KBDeez Nuts (though no other affiliation with this person after the tragic events) on my way to a slayer task, s/he suggested that if I wanted a clan chat to chill in and talk to  people, to join. I almost didn't, because I'm not usually a very sociable person (I usually tend to think of myself as an introvert; if I'm in a mood to talk, of course I will but I have days where I just want to listen to music/streams and play without much interaction). I've been in clans back in the day, many many years ago, though I'd forgotten how much fun they really are. Since joining I've done more bossing than I'd ever done (including back in 2007 when GWD was released, and various other bosses). I've since learned how to fight General Graardor, and tank him, K'ril Tsutasroth, the Corporeal Beast and the Kings under the mountain themselves, Dagannoths Supreme, Rex and Prime.

My goals with Fusion PvM aren't small in the slightest. I don't do things half-assed. I aim to climb the ranks, and be someone of influence and 'power', I want to be able to help and see the people of Fusion PvM grow as I have. I'll usually have a serious demeanor, or one of pride and professionalism though I'm laid back, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. No one should ever feel like they couldn't ever approach me for advice, on nearly anything. I can be abrasive at times, though this usually only happens when I'm stressed in real life, I try to stay as nice and approachable as possible.

Also, I've laid claim to Exotic PvM and Toaaad, they're my bitches and they know it <3
I love long walks on the beach, beer, and all kinds of music - so if you want to get in my pants, now you know how. Wink

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Re: Long-ass introduction;

Post by wh00pstick on Fri May 08, 2015 5:28 pm

Welcome bud, I think you're very outgoing and fun to be around ! thanks for the book Very Happy

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